• Increasing cotton yield in the member countries through research collaboration and exchange of scientific knowledge, success stories and new technologies.
  • Providing a data base on cotton research and other related issues concerning cotton production in the region to be used by the member countries.
  • Increasing the knowledge of cotton experts and scientists through implementation of collaborative research activities and holding training workshops on cotton related issues.
  • Establishing close cooperation with other research networks on cotton in the world (such as Mediterranean Cotton Research Network).
  • Establishing regional collaboration for improving cotton production technology in Asia and North Africa through research, workshops and training programs.
  • Establishment of an information management system on cotton
  • Exchange of germplasm
  • Publication of INCANA Newsletter and Success Stories
  • Organizing conferences, workshops and training courses
  • Organizing the Annual Meetings of the Network Steering Committee in member countries
  • Water management and increasing water use efficiency.
  • Development of early maturing varieties tolerant to drought, salinity and biotic stresses.
  • Integrated pest management and decreasing pesticide use.
  • Cotton quality and technology.
  • Weed management.
  • Nutrient (both micro and macro) management.
  • Growth regulators.
  • Hybrid and transgenic cotton.
  • Mechanization and farm management.
  • Increasing crop productivity and intensity of cropping system.
  • Economics and marketing.
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