1-  The major areas of planting cotton under rainfed about 65% so this subjected to plant to grow under drought conditions and climate adversely. How to enhance the tolerant or productivity under this condition?
2-   Are you using biopesticides?


Dear Dr. Mohamed Aziz
Chairman of the INCANA
Subject: Introducing the new INCANA Secretary
In September 27, 2011 a meeting being held in ICARDA office located in headquarters office of Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO) in Iran and based on the expe


Question 1- Techniques used for hybrid cotton production and its production per ha?
Answer: Heterosis refers to superiority of F1 hybrid in one or more characters over its parents. In cotton, various types of hybrids have developed for commercial cultivation. Cotton hybrids can be classified into the various groups such as: Ploidy level, species i


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