Golestan, Early mature cotton variety in I.R.Iran By: Dr. Omran Alishah
Golestan is the name of CRI-862-259 cotton variety, which originated from foreign germplasm by mass-pedigree breeding method. Primary yield test conducted after quarantine test (1996) and CRI-862-259 was candidate as a high yielding and earliness genotype in 1997-98. Breeding programs were undertaking 2001 until 2004 in Hashemabad cotton research station, Gorgan. Some agronomic and qualitative characters improved during selection program. Adaptability and yield stability experiments at nine locations for two years (2005-2006) indicated the general and specific adaptability for CRI-862-259 (Golestan) variety as compared to other. In addition, this variety has showed more significant yield and earliness than commercial varieties at most locations as well as small leaf, more boll and standard qualitative characteristics. The seed cotton yield in double cropping experiments (after canola harvesting) and extensional experiment was more than sahel cultivar (check). The results showed that the CRI-862-259 (Golestan variety) is an earliness genotype with high yield potential and desired adaptability. Early maturity and small plant type will provide escape of pest damage and increasing plant density. This cultivar will be suitable for common agronomic and double cropping (planting after canola or wheat harvesting) systems in Goleatan, North Khorasan, Ardebil and Fars provinces.

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